Yahya Qandel

backend developer

Developer Yahya is an experienced developer, team lead, mentor and coach. As a senior member of a self organizing team, he helps lead both development and coaching projects for our clients. Yahya’s ability to mentor others, focus on client delivery, and technical excellence make him a valuable member of any project.

Fullstack With software development clients he works as part of a self-organizing team to deliver excellent software in a timely manner to our clients. Leveraging the powers of continuous integration, test driven development, and his fullstack experience, he works with the team to iteratively develop working software that delights his clients.

Coach With coaching clients, he works with a team of coaches to understand the client’s problems, collaboratively create a coaching program, and teach and mentor the developers of that client. As a player coach, he not only gives advice, but joins the team as a developer and pairs with individuals to teach them, in a very hands-on manner, things like test-first development, thin-vertical slicing and simple design.

  • Live in: cairo,Egypt
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Yahya Adel Abd El-hammed
+20 111 0 555540
Freelance / Part-time
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Computer Science

Ain Shams university

Graduated 2012
CS department
Grade Good


Limit work in progress as well as advise/mentor the team in keeping WIP low.
Test first development - red/green/refactor - is the default way this person develops software.

Senior Software Engineer

Devsquads 8/2016-2/2018

Senior Software engineer

Teknowl 11/2017-2/2018

Work with others to teach them new techniques.
Help people fit in. Give them feedback so they grow into people we need and not just 'filter' them out.

Leading the technical arm for the company, training new hires, and giving technical guidance to the team.
Handling clients requests and deadlines .
Enhancing team performance .

Acting As Technical Lead

Bee 8/2016-2/2018

Senior Back-end Developer

Bee 10/2015-8/2016

Developing client social media tracking tools with stable based technologies .
Maintaining the platform responsible for tracking leads of clients' campaigns.
Creating campaigns' landing pages, web and Facebook applications.

Cooperating with Bee in egypt in developing client web based platform for tracking and controlling clients leads campaigns and social media competitive data.

Back-end Developer

Aim4solutions-Romania 8/2015-10/2015

Junior Web Developer

Bee 3/2014-8/2015

Establishing clients in house content-based website using Wordpress.
Developing appropriate mobile applications .

Military Service


Software Engineer

ITS-GBS 11/2012-1/2013

Enhancing and customizing an international desktop banking system .


HTML / CSS / Javascript

PHP ( Laravel )


Android Certified


Coded application components using a Test-Driven approach
Automated Functional Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment.
architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services


Web Application (Miroservices)
Mobile (Android)
Web application + mobile
Mobile (React-native)
Popular Movies
Mobile (Android)